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Selling a Home in Costa Rica

If you’re thinking of selling a property and are currently evaluating listing agents in Costa Rica, be sure to ask the agents you interview how they will make your home stick out in a crowded market. The two most common phrases we hear from our clients whom wish to sell a home in Costa Rica are: sell it quickly and get the best price. The good news is that a well-defined real estate marketing plan can accomplish both. The agents at Royal Palm follow a proven formula to make sure your experience with us is positive and rewarding. What follows is an outline of the way Royal Palm’s home seller services outperform the competition.

Selling a Home in Costa Rica

Sell your home with Royal Palm

Engage Buyers with Cinematic Video

High definition (HD) cinematic videos showcase your property in the best possible light. A well-conceived shoot and deft post-production editing will draw more potential buyers to consider purchasing your home. Video grabs attention, brings users in, and makes an emotional connection. Drone footage and panoramic shots place the home in context to the surrounding neighborhood, which is an important factor to many home buyers. In fact, a study by Digital Sherpa showed that a cinematic video creates 403% more listing inquires! Video is very effective, yet only 1 in 100 listing agents use it. Rest assured, Royal Pam always uses cinematic video to market our clients’ homes.

Use Professional HDR Photography

Property photos are another important component of a  finely tuned real estate marketing plan. Photos are still the media with the widest distribution and garner the most attention on major real estate portals and other media outlets. Low definition photos – especially unprofessional, blurry, or poorly-lit images like those taken with a smartphone – won’t cut it. Good real estate images are taken using HDR technology. HDR real estate photography shows a prospective buyer all the important aspects of a home. Not only are HDR photos crisp, but high-resolution images include more details that would otherwise get lost in low-definition stills. More importantly, research suggests that property listings featuring HDR photos sell 54% faster and increase online views by 118%.

Sell your home with Royal Palm
Sell your home with Royal Palm

Run a Smart Advertising Campaign

Every listing broker will publish your home for sale in all the major real estate portals; it’s not a unique selling point. Sure, you want wide distribution; a wide net catches many fish. While listing syndication is important, alone it is insufficient. A well-executed advertising campaign for your property will generate more leads resulting in more showings. Royal Palm’s marketing prowess is unparalleled. We’ll deploy the best practices in marketing today that produce the highest results. We always take advantage of the latest marketing technologies as well as proven tactics like social marketing pay per click, list marketing, retargeting, and single property websites (more below).

Build a Single Property Listing

Creating a stand-alone page for your property is one of the best tactics to set your home apart from the rest. Royal Palm builds a listing page for every property we sell in order to give it higher visibility in search engines and to attract the greatest number of in-market buyers. We want to keep the potential buyer focused on your property and interested to see more. Most other real estate companies will add similar and/or other properties to the listings at the bottom or on the sides which can cause the buyer to navigate off your property.

Sell your home with Royal Palm

Our sales service is specifically designed to take the uncertainty and stress out of selling.

Our goal is to make you feel excited, supported, and prepared to sell your home in Costa Rica.

Let us be the one that exposes the very best of your Costa Rican Home.

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