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King Ranch

Sale: $7,500,000



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Sale Price: $7,500,000

Listing ID: AA0007

Living Area: 1,401 m²

Land Lot: 975,000 m²

Built Date: 2004

Province: Alajuela

Canton: Atenas

District: Concepción

Bedrooms: 8

Bathrooms: 6

Int / Ext Parking: 3 / 10

King Ranch

Tucked away in a valley near the small community of Balsilla de Mora, King Ranch is remote enough to feel thousands of miles away from city life yet close enough for shopping and supplies. King Ranch is a 240 acre (97.5 ha) working farm in the central valley of Costa Rica, halfway between the capital, San Jose (30 minutes from the farm), and the Pacific coast (50 minutes away). King Ranch is only 3 km from Highway 27, the principal thoroughfare between the coast and city. Only 15 minutes from the farm, is the town of Atenas, used for restaurants, churches, clinics, pharmacies, entertainment, supplies, and services. The larger town of Orotina is only 25 minutes from the farm and is also used for supplies etc.

The property offers a beautiful blend of forests: primary, secondary, and reforested areas. With seven registered springs, wonderful natural water flows abundantly from the primary forest via gravity into water storage tanks where at anytime 27,000 liters of water is being held. There is electricity throughout most of the property, both aerial and underground mixed with solar panels and backup batteries. King Ranch provides an environment conducive to healthy and relaxed living. The setting is natural and elegant for easy healthy living.

Gate House: 113 m2 under roof, 2 bedrooms 1 full bathroom built 2004

Restaurant: 1500 m2 of land not segregated, 480 m2 of construction, 4 dining areas for entertaining, large kitchen, upstairs area for private parties, two bedroom apartment for staff, 1 full bathroom in kitchen area for staff and 2 large bathrooms for guests, built 2012.

Barn and workshops: There are 5 workshops and storage buildings approximately 2000 m2 of construction. Built in various stages as workshops were needed. The main barn has three additional living areas complete with full bathrooms for staff. These storage buildings provide space to store tractors, trailers, vehicles, tools, feed shed and wood shed.

Corral: 300 m2 capable of working 130 head of cattle at a time.

Main house: While the main farmhouse 550 m2(approx. 6000 sq. feet) is rustic, spacious, and comfortably laid out, offering 4 bedrooms, three full bathrooms with one bathtub, conditioned environment. During the day this area is off grid with 44 solar panels and a battery back up for essential electric during power outages, 3 solar heated water tanks provide for plenty of heat water

Rancho: (Guest House) located next to the farmhouse is a separate building (approx. 2700 sq. feet). This two story building provides a full kitchen with double ovens and gas stove, a large living area for both indoor and outdoor office/den, full kitchen, all in an air living, an open plan bedroom, and two full bathrooms, and plenty of storage.

Pool: Between the main house and Rancho is a 20,000 gallon pool with a water fall and unique swing.

The property has 4 electric transformers with approximately 5 km of aerial high tension power lines and another 3 km of subterranean cables. King Ranch offers a rock quarry that has been vital and important to building and maintaining the 4 km internal road that runs from the front main entrance to the back entrance/exit. Just inside the gate on a hill overlooking the entire farm is a small cemetery for ashes only. At the main entrance to the farm is a flat zone of approximately 43 acres (17.5 ha) with 318 meters of road frontage perfect for developing infrastructures for the other 92 segregated lots. The back entrance/exit is located on a national road and has 1 km of road frontage.


  • Controlled Access
  • Storage Space
  • Panoramic Views
  • Playground
  • A/C
  • Mountain Views
  • Hiking / Walking Trails
  • Guest House
  • River Views
  • Furnished
  • Maid’s Quarters
  • Volcano Views
  • Open Design
  • Terrace / Patio
  • 4x Electric Transformers
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Heated Pool
  • 3km Subterranean Cables
  • Quartz Countertops
  • Outdoor Shower
  • 27,000 Liter Water Tanks
  • High Ceilings
  • Solar Panels
  • Forrest / Rock Quarry
  • Office Space
  • 7x Registered Springs
  • Farm Animals / Horses


Atenas - Alajuela

Local Information

Atenas (Spanish pronunciation: [a’tenas]) is the fifth canton in the province of Alajuela in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 127.19 square kilometers (49.11 sq mi) and has a population of 27,112 (estimate as of 2013). The origin of the name dates back to 1833, when the area was known as “Sabana Larga”, and the then Head of State, Don José Rafael de Gallegos, admirer of Greek civilization, proposed that the new population be called Athens. It is popularly said that Atenas enjoys the ‘best climate in the world’; the reason for this attribution is that climatic factors like temperature and humidity are stable all year round, with temperatures ranging from 19 Celsius at night to 34 Celsius during the day with a yearly average of 26 Celsius. It is a fairly compact canton, mountainous for the most part. The Río Grande (Great River) forms the border on the canton’s north and east sides. As the river moves south, it is joined by two other large rivers, the Río Poás and the Río Virilla, before turning west again and forming the canton’s southern border under a new name, the Río Grande de Tárcoles. The western border of the canton is established by a series of quebradas (canyons) that cut through the Coastal Mountain Range.

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