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Majestic Volcano Lot

Sale: $500,000



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Details & Features

Price: $500,000

Listing ID: ASC0003

  • Province: Alajuela
  • Canton: San carlos
  • District: La Fortuna
  • Land Lot: 10,824 m²
  • Hiking Trails
  • Panoramic View
  • Mountain View
  • Lake View
  • Volcano View
Lot shot

The view from this Lot is one of a kind. The Lot is nestled at the top of the mountain about 250 meters from the road. This allows you to enjoy a peaceful and quiet day while you retain your privacy. Enjoy great temperature and light winds throughout the year. The property is located close to the lake where you can use Kayaks, Canoe’s, Jet skies, Boats, and other lake hobby activities. The property is located 20 mins from the center of La Fortuna where you can find hospitals, clinics, shopping, restaurants, and more. Call us today to be amazed by the energy and view of this Lot.


San Carlos - Alajuela

Local Information

San Carlos is the 10th canton of the Alajuela province in Costa Rica. It limits to the north with the Republic of Nicaragua, to the west with the cantons of Los Chiles, Guatuso, Tilarán and San Ramón, to the south with the cantons of San Ramón, Zarcero and Valverde Vega, and to the east with the cantons of Río Cuarto and Sarapiquí. Due to its extensive plains, its high rainfall, and its fertile soil, San Carlos is one of the most productive economic zones in Costa Rica. In its wide territory all kinds of agricultural activities are carried out: livestock extension, fattening, milk production, and derivatives; sugar cane, pineapple (as of 2015, Costa Rica is the world’s leading exporter of this crop), citrus, tubers, basic grains, and many others are grown. The presence in the La Fortuna district of the Arenal Volcano, an almost perfect cone active stratovolcano that rises solitary at 1,670 masl above otherwise flat terrain, makes it one of the four most visited tourist destinations in Costa Rica by nationals and foreigners. Lake Arenal, an artificial reservoir located at the foot of the volcano, between San Carlos and Tilarán, is the main source of hydroelectric energy production in the country. For these reasons, San Carlos is known as the “Generous and progressive” canton of Costa Rica.

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