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Sell your home with Royal Palm

Car Rental Services

The Royal Palm Realty Group now offers a line up of clean and reliable rental cars for your time in Costa Rica. Whether you’re traveling, house hunting, or just needing a car while your car is in the shop, we are the ones to call. We are very competitive and always guarantee a lesser price than the airport and San Jose competitors. Learn more about our selection and rates.

New and Remodeling Construction Services

If you are thinking of building a house on a beautiful piece of land in Costa Rica, needing updates in the house, or wanting to add on to an existing part of the house we have the right team to do the job. Royal Palm Realty Group has paired up with the top builders in the area to deliver the high quality results you want. Remodeling the kitchen or bathroom is easy and cost efficient. We can locate everything you need for your ideas and projects. These companies have been building in CR for more than 10 years and deliver the finishes and standards we are use to back in our native countries. Call us for more information.

Sell your home with Royal Palm
Sell your home with Royal Palm

Real Estate & Aerial Photography

The Royal Palm Realty Group offers high quality Real Estate photography service for the sale or rental of your property. Our photographers have years of experience with the latest gear and equipment to deliver high quality photos with the correct composition to sell your home. Our Photographers have taken many classes and seminars to deliver the standard you need for still images and drone images alike. Give us a call today to coordinate a visit to your home and we’ll help guide you on preparing your property for a perfect photography session.

Costa Rica Residency & Citizenship Services

Costa Rica Immigration laws offer various options for people to gain legal immigration status in the country. We offer you assistnace for the following services in the proccess of obtaining residency in Costa Rica. Forigners have the opportunty to apply for Investors Temporary Residency (Inversionista), Retiree Temporary Residency (Pensionado), Fixed Income Temporary Residency (Rentista), Married to a Costa Rican or Parent of a Costa Rican Permanent Residency (Vínculo con Costarricense). Learn more about what option is best for you.

Sell your home with Royal Palm
Sell your home with Royal Palm

Car Sales Service

Buying a car in Costa Rica can be stressful and complicated. Between the language barrier, gringo pricing, and not having a trust worthy mechanic you can find yourself in a pickle pretty quickly. This is why we have taken the time to filter, test, and streamline the process for our clients. We have joined up with a group of reliable, trust worthy, and honest car salesman in the area to bring you the best selections and competitive prices available. Click here to learn more about our service.