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Covid 19

Your safe and
successful real
estate transaction
is our top priority.

Your safe and successful real estate transaction is our top priority.

COVID-19 affects us all, especially in real estate. Your health and safety are paramount. We’re here to support you through the process of buying and selling in Costa Rica. We use all the safety protocols needed in every showing and human to human interaction. You can count on all of our agents and partners using masks, hand sanitizers, and keeping the appropriate distancing while working with our clients.


  • Use of hand sanitizer before, during, and after every interaction with clients or Real Estate properties.
  • Use of a mask while working with clients or in homes during a showing or photography.
  • Use of a mask while in a vehicle and in public spaces.
  • A temperature reading will be used before the interactions with clients and property showings.
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COVID-19 has gripped the world, impacting our work and our industry. While we remain committed as ever to our vision of a world where every real estate transaction is simple, certain, and satisfying — keeping our clients, agent partners, and team members healthy and safe is a top priority for us. Royal Palm Realty Group is working with the latest ideas on how to provide great service while your safe in your homes and miles away. We are doing our best to make you feel as if you are here in Costa Rica with us.

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These are uncertain and unprecedented times. We’re actively monitoring the situation on the ground through daily communications with our agents and local authorities. Whether you’re buying or selling a home in this environment, if you have questions, we aim to bring you clear and objective answers.


Is this a good time to sell my house?

Barring any restrictions imposed on real estate operations in your local area, we recommend that you list your home as soon as possible if you need to sell it within the next 24 months, due to the possibility of increased price pressure moving forward.
The coronavirus is expected to have long-lasting impacts on the economy, and selling your home during a recession can pose challenges. Only you, however, know your comfort level in making big real estate decisions and what’s right for you during this time.

Are people still buying homes right now?

This is not going to be a normal spring (or year) as far as buyer demand goes. The coronavirus has caused some — but not all — buyers to hit pause on their home search for the time being, whether it’s because their financial situation has changed or they don’t want to deal with moving right now.
However, low mortgage rates and more balanced market conditions should entice buyers who remain on solid financial footing to move forward if they can. Keep in mind, too, that buyer demand is going to vary market to market and differ among low-end and high-end price ranges.

How can I meet with real estate agents while social distancing?

Royal Palm Realty Group is using teleconferencing like Zoom, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp video calls, and Skype to meet with clients remotely. Share your preferred platforms with us and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

How do I show my house while social distancing?

Now is the time to double down on showing your home virtually. Our agent will be making video walkthroughs and Teleconferencing through video calls, which have long been viable alternatives to traditional showings.
If you must show your home:
– Have your agent restrict physical showings to only the most serious buyers — those who’ve determined your home could be a strong match based on available resources that don’t require a physical tour.
– Limit who can come through the home (no kids, for example). Only those who are part of the nuclear family of whom is buying the home.
– Before the showing, turn on all the lights, and open up closets and cabinets, to reduce the amount of contact with your home.
– Following every showing, use cleaning products approved by the health authorities for fighting against the virus to disinfect your home.

Can I sell my home without any home showings?

Many buyers are going to want to see a home in-person before making an offer, even if it’s just once. However, it’s your house, and you can show it on your terms. If you want to stop in-person showings and see what your listing could generate virtually, let us know and express your request to halt showings in writing. Our agent, at that point, may opt to add an addendum to extend the listing knowing that it might take a bit longer to attract an offer, according to the National Association of Realtors.

How do I look at homes while social distancing?

The safest way to hunt for houses right now is online. Real Estate buyers and sellers might or might not be taking precautions to protect themselves and your health, and there is no way to know for sure how the people you contact have circulated in the world during the past two weeks.

That said, if you want to hunt for houses in person, follow all of the health authorities on coronavirus-related recommendations:

  • Stay six feet away from other people.
  • Refrain from touching your face.
  • Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer.
  • Cover your mouth with your elbow when you sneeze or cough.
  • Wipe down surfaces you have touched with a disinfectant

In some cases, agents will only be able to take one person at a time to walk through a house, which means that if you are shopping with a partner, one of you will have to wait outside or in the car while the other takes the home tour.

Be aware that sellers might ask you to take additional steps or precautions to keep their homes clean, and be willing to follow any extra instructions.