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Louis Hernandez

Louis hernandez

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Louis is a native of Miami, Florida, he spent thirty-four years in Florida before making his way to Costa Rica in 2016. He is fluent in English and Spanish, which brings a clear and transparent process of strategy for success to his clients whether buying, selling, or renting.

Louis Hernandez is the CEO of Royal Palm Realty Group, governing all aspects of the business including sales, project management, marketing, public relations, research, legal, and client services. Knowledgeable in the business with a deep understanding of the market and expertise in negotiation. He’s proud to work throughout Costa Rica with a diverse clientele ranging from renters, experienced buyers, first-time buyers, and sellers, to re-sellers and investors looking to buy, renovate, or sell. His seasoned background in client services, business management, business development, and strategic partnerships affords him a broad-based skill set that is relevant and results-focused for the fast-paced real estate industry.

He is a dedicated, professional, and savvy broker who combines an extensive background in sales and business management, with a genuine interest in cultivating unique relationships with his clients and colleagues. While his entrepreneurial forays have equipped him with an intuitive ability to strategically market properties, negotiate profitable deals, and maximize returns, Louis views himself not as a salesperson, but rather an expert resource who helps his buyers and sellers navigate the complex real estate market of Costa Rica.

Louis is regarded as a congenial professional and a broker who makes the buying and selling process not only less stressful but truly enjoyable. When he is not helping his clients achieve their real estate goals, Louis indulges in his passion for architecture photography and drone photography. He loves hiking with his family, traveling through Costa Rica, and he also loves to cook. As a Costa Rica resident himself, Louis has observed tremendous growth throughout the country and is excited to be a part of it. He is totally comfortable anywhere in Costa Rica. The expertise he brings to each transaction is a leading factor for his client’s success.

“My clients understand that I will literally work 24/7 to get them the best deal possible. They understand that my persevering attitude and expertise will afford them a victory no matter what kind of market or time of year. Just know that when you are ready I’ll be ready”.